Representative Dan Nordberg

A Constituent Hub

Dan is a young, energetic public leader who first ran for a seat in the Colorado House of Representatives in 2012. At the time, we built a simple website his campaign could use to diseminate information and accept donations.

Following a decisive victory, we expanded his website into a broader public resource which constituents could use to stay abreast of measures moving through the state capitol.

New Logo

Political Branding

Successfull political branding isn't fundamentally different from commercial branding. In this case, the candidate is the product, and the messaging strategy needs to position the candidate to be competitive in the field and relevant to consistuent needs. While Dan successfully defined his own brand, we assisted with the visual and digital elements.

We created a simple, effective logo he could use in his messaging, across all mediums.

Improving the Standard

There are a lot of underwhelming political websites out there. Not only did we aim to provide a more modern design for Dan, we also provided a CMS that would allow him to create content and manage the site on his own. This, along with integrated social media, an events calendar, and other constituent resources provided the means for which Dan could easily connect to the citizens he represents.

Smarter Email Marketing

Dan primarily sends newsletters when the legislature is in session, so monthly plans aren't a good fit. While other providers do offer pay as you go plans, the costs can get expensive, quickly.

With our ignite™ email marketing platform, Dan is able to manage his subscribers and send out newsletters when needed for a fraction of the cost. Now he doesn't have to worry about how often he can send, or the expense of building a large audience.

The Result

Dan now has a good platform and strategy in place for managing communications, which not only looks and performs well, but is also more cost effective than other options on the market.

More importantly, he's not going this alone. We appreciate his mission and public service. Now and in the future, we stand ready to support him in that mission, in whatever capacity he needs.

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