Punch Bunch

Revitalizing a Brand

The Punch Bunchâ„¢ is a leading manufacturer of craft punches for the paper crafting industry for nearly 20 years.

Under new leadership, they turned to Newflare to update their company image and build a new website which could handle B2B sales, while still acting as a good marketing and informational tool for the general public.

Old Logo

New Logo

Building an Identity

The first order of business was to determine brand personality relative to market positioning. We created a list of values, moods and other signals to describe the company and its product line and used this as a basis to develop an artistic direction.

The company was formally using two different logos, which diluted brand recognition. We consolidated the logos and updated the design with a new color palette to visually reinforce the brand while keeping its core visuals intact. In this case, even small details can have a big impact. Given that the Punch Bunch is already an iconic brand within its industry, we were careful to not render the logo unrecognizable by customers.

Dual Purpose Strategy

A site for B2B Partners

Being a manufacturer, the Punch Bunch's primary sales channel is through B2B wholesalers and distributors. While many orders are handled via traditional purchase orders, more and more companies are moving to online ordering to reduce manual data entry. Their old website didn't allow for wholesalers to place orders, so that was a desired feature in this rebuild. To add another layer of complexity, each customer account has different pricing agreements. The solution was a stealth shopping cart with dynamic pricing. Now distributors can easily login, browse the site with pricing tailored for them, and place an order.

A site for the Public

Equally important is how the website functions outside of wholesale ordering. The website converts to a product catalog for general visitors, so customers can easily research products. An idea gallery was also added to demonstrate real project examples and will prove useful as a marketing tool.

Website Features

  • Mobile-first design, built for any screen
  • Catalog of over 400 Products
  • Stealth shopping cart
  • Project Gallery
  • Pinterest Integration

Old Product Image

New Product Image

Product Photography

We recommended producing full product images to replace the low-resolution black and white shapes previously used to represent their product line. The boost in product appeal was quickly recognized.

Our new beautiful, high-resolution product images also allowed a greater degree of freedom in marketing the products in print and digital advertisements.

Marketing &
Moving Forward

We've provided guidance for both content and social media marketing strategies the company can utilize as part of their larger marketing plan. More recently we also helped the Punch Bunch migrate their products to Amazon, who now buys direct, and is proving to be a valuable new sales channel for the company.

We've built a relationship with the Punch Bunch and want them to succeed. While the business is in their hands, they know they can count on us to assist them with their digital needs as they move forward.

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